Open source cms for mobile and desktop websites


Is there a way to use another persistence system ? Why don't you use SQLAlchemy ?

Concerning storage systems: The persistence layer is modular and can be replaced. Though this may require some efforts. Postgres for example is not too far away and will only require a few changes to be supported.

SQLAlchemy is a different topic. First of all the cms is not a sql database app development framework. It uses a specific data structure and API and is more or less NoSql compatible (though there is no implementation yet). The cms does not use the SQLAlchemy (or django) programmatically '' concept of defining data fields. On the contrary, data fields are part of the configuration not the application code.

Currently nive does not use any specific SQL features and will keep this line so likely in the future there will be NoSql database backend.

Is there a Roadmap? 

The cms is currently in beta phase. On the whole it is stable and already in production use but since it is a rather modular and complex application there are a likely several issues. 

The roadmap during the next few months will be to solve these issues. If you find something please use the mailing list or github to report it.

Is it possible to use another form library than reform ?

The included form library 'Reform' is used for autogenerated forms and tightly integrated with the configuration. And since this is rather complicated it is not recommended to replace reform cms wide.

However you can manually replace or add new views and use your favorite form library just like in any other pyramid/python project.

What about l10n (translating content to maintain a multi-language website) ?

Yes and no. There is no extension yet to do this and it's not available by default. But there will be sooner or later. 

For now I think it's not too difficult to create a customized version to run a multi-language website. At least a simple setup without tracking translations on element levels.

Who are the contributors of this project ? Or how to contribute ?

Up to the beta release the aplication was only developed internally and not hosted in a public repository. Since it is now on github contribution is easy and welcome:

Extension modules: Seperate modules can be published on pypi. These just need a compatible license. We are going to provide a database listing available extensions on the website. So please get in contact.

Bug reports, small bugfixes and issues: Please use github.

Documentation: Please use github.

Core development: The 'nive' python module or 'nive-cms' github repository is considered the core. Please get in contact. You will have to sign a contributors agreement before being able to commit code on github. 


  • easy design and template integration
  • all included to get started
  • cms functions integrate directly into the website
  • layout friendly concept
  • no python knowledge required to get started
  • draggable toolbox with cms options
  • user and rights management
  • web based admin UI
  • readable path names
  • modular extensibility
  • plugin points for objects, roots, tools, designs, toolbox widgets, editor pages
  • SQL database support for SQLite and MySql
  • file system based binary storage
  • workflow enabled
  • json or python configuration support
  • python and pyramid powered
  • system independent (linux, mac, windows)
  • open source

  • not a groupware
  • not a document management system