Open source cms for mobile and desktop websites

Version information

0.9.11 b

  • pyramid 1.5 update
  • new sessionuser with limited functionality for caching
  • added serialize and deserialize callback option
  • user identity field added
  • enabled non-class functions as event callbacks
  • nive.utils.dataPool2.connections refactored
  • added support to view.Assets() for url links e.g.
  • bugfixes and improvements

Previous versions

0.9.10 b

  • maintenance and bugfixes
  • added IFileStorage interface for file classes used to read and store file data
  • renamed cms.pages.skipColumn parameter to addColumnContents
  • extended definitions.ViewModuleConf with renderer attribute as default for views
  • HTMLForm action button postfix changed to class var actionPostfix
  • nive.container: added afterAdd event, renamed beforeCreate -> beforeAdd

0.9.9 b

  • bugfixes: sort and ajax response
  • improved column integration
  • css and js assets configureable design.configuration.assets
  • cms editor widgets css updates
  • added sort and cut, copy, paste tests


  • editor ui improvements
  • welcome message
  • scaffolds improved
  • mysql tests improved
  • bugfixes


  • scaffold base64 password bugfix
  • converted cmsview javascript to jquery plugin
  • added cmseditor.js, removed pe.js and overlay.js
  • added cmseditor.css, removed pe.css
  • added Undo() on sql execute exceptions


  • bugfixes and smaller updates
  • serialization and deserialization of lists to json
  • added forms.JsonSequenceForm
  • added controlset option for list form fields


  • Boostrap css framework used for the default design
  • Responsive selectors added to box forms and html rendering
  • Fulltext search
  • Ctrl-key disables links in edit mode
  • Updated scaffold for sqlite and mysql
  • many fixed issues and cleanup
  • code moved to github repository


The last release in the alpha series:

  • Graphical user administration ui added. Users can now be simply be added, edited and deleted through the web interface.
  • Adinistration ui added. A few configuration settings can now be edited through a web interface. More important you have a direct access to all registered administrative tools.
  • The two additional administration sections "Modules" and "Views" gives you complete list of all included modules, data fields and settings.
  • Configurations are extended with persistent functionality. Currently required and used by the administration ui.
  • A few things have changed: Poolyx.application.Application class vars (like title) have been removed. You can access them now as application.configuration.title


The third release in the alpha series:

  • Workflow integration is complete. By default pages support a simple publishing workflow with public and draft states. See for implementation details.
  • Internationalisation including a german and english version of the cms (not the docs) is included. Languages are switched by setting "pyramid.default_locale_name" to en or de.
  • Forms: colander and deform package dependencies have been removed. The new form library is 'reform', a forked, merged and simplified version of deform and colander. Please read Poolyx/components/reform/readme.txt.
  • The documentation on the website includes several examples and scaffolds to build your own extensions. Scaffolds are also avilable as downloads.


Updates included in the second version:

  • Image scaling support: Images (Poolyx.cms.image) can automatically be scaled on upload based on profile settings. This will fail silently if the Python Image Library (python-imaging) is not installed.
  • New code element: Add and edit Html, css or javascript code as page element on the website. The excellent browser based Codemirror editor is included.
  • Json support for configuration: Alternate json configuration file support for CMS options or  elements is now enabled.
  • MySql and Sqlite scaffolds added: Two pyramid scaffolds to create empty websites as starting points have been added. 'defaultMysql' and 'defaultSqlite'. (Usage `bin/pcreate -t defaultSqlite my_website`)


This is the first alpha release of Poolyx CMS! This includes most features planned for the first stable release and is right now a fully working content management system. However a few things are not included yet (though not essential) and most likely several parts of the api will change before it's release. 

Please note:

  • The installation uses a relative data directory! Start pyramid from ‘poolyx/website-0.9.1’ to get the default contents.
  • web based admin user interface not included yet
  • workflow integration not included yet
  • internationalisation not included yet
  • reduced in depth development documentation
  • colander and deform are included as forked modules
  • editing links and boxes is sometimes tricky

Python install

Recommended: using the python package index (

pip install nive

Public repository

The source code is hosted on github:


The file includes all the cms as egg and scaffolds to create a website and configured pyramid application.