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Please use the Google Groups mailing list nive-cms for questions or support.


Any help is welcome. For bugfixes or documentation enhancements please use github nive-cms. Extended changes and additions to code on github will require a contributors agreement.

A contributors agreement is only required for the core package, additional modules just need a compatible open source license.

The modules section will sooner or later be extended with a database for extensions. For now if you have something please drop a line.


Nive cms is released under GPL version 3. Read the license on

Nive <-> Nive cms

Nive cms is the open source release of the cms webservice used by the HTML publishing platform Nive. The open source cms release is independent from the webservice.


Though this is the first open source release of Nive cms it has been in use in different projects since 2004. The implementation has almost completely been replaced by now and changed to fit into pyramid. By now, only the useful concepts survived. Also some ideasave their origin in other open source projects, in the first place Zope and Kontentor.

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