Open source cms for mobile and desktop websites

Since all releases up to version 0.9.5 were alpha releases a few changes in the few version were to be expected. But it should be quite easy to move to the new version manually:

- Rename poolyx to nive: The python module 'poolyx' has been renamed to 'nive'. Search  for imports e.g.

from poolyx.
import poolyx

and replace them.


- The default design has changed. Either switch to the new or keep the old one. But you can't mix them.


Lower level API changes, only important if you use one of these functions/modules in your application code:

    - __init__ parameters if view is not None: app, request, context are extracted from view context
    - added Setup(subset) function
    - removed LoadConfiguration()
    - ObjectForm.AddTypeField() removed. Use Setup(addTypeField=True).
    - form conf changed: object.configuration.forms = {"subset": {"fields": [...], "actions": [...]}}
    - changed password widgets



        # 0.9.4 - moved to configuration = u""
        #self.title = u""
        #self.description = u""
        # 0.9.4 - moved to configuration
        #self.fulltextIndex = False
        #self.autocommit = True
        #self.useCache = True
        #self.frontendCodepage = "utf-8"
        #self.workflowEnabled = False
        #self.groups = []
        #self.categories = []



        # 0.9.4 - moved to configuration
        #self.portalDefaultUrl = "/website/"
        #self.loginUrl = "/userdb/udb/login"
        #self.forbiddenUrl = "/userdb/udb/login"
        #self.logoutUrl = "/userdb/udb/logout"
        #self.accountUrl = "/userdb/udb/update"
        #self.robots = u""