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Eclipse is one of the biggest integrated development environments (IDE) available. You get plugins for almost everything. Here is a short explanation of the steps required to setup Eclipse to develop python and pyramid projects. After these few steps you can develop, test, run and debug the whole website including webserver interactively from one interface. Even down to single template calls.

1) Install Eclipse itself
Download Eclipse Classic from
Just extract the download somewhere and start the eclipse executeable in the main directory. Eclipse has its own update and plugin installation menu. You find these options under 'help' of the main menu.


2) Install PyDev Plugin
After starting Eclipse open the help menu and select 'Install new software'. Click 'Add' and enter

'PyDev' as name
'' as location

Click OK and select PyDev in the main to install it.


3) Creating a python project
After installing PyDev you can create python projects and add them to your workspace. You have several at this point: create a new directory for your python sources/project, use the default directory or point the eclipse project to a virtualenv installation. The following steps describe the recommended last option.

First the usual virtualenv and python installation. There are no extra steps required to map it to a eclipse project later. The Documentation/Installation page describes the it.

Now back to Eclipse. To create a project for your website:

1) open Menu ->File -> New -> PyDev Project

2) Enter a name e.g. 'website'

3) Uncheck 'Use default', click 'Browse' and select the virtualenv website directory (e.g. 'nive')

4) Choose the interpreter: It's not configured yet. So open 'Click here to configure an interpreter not listed'.

5) Click 'New' and enter a name e.g. 'python_website'. Browse for the executeable. You'll find it in the virtualenv directory 'bin/python'. If a dialog appears and asks which libraries/directories to include select all.

Back in the PyDev Project dialog

6) Select the 'python_website' interpreter

7) Select 'Don't configure PYTHONPATH'

8) and click 'Finish'

That's all! You can now browse, edit and add source files in eclipse. A right click in the file/directory tree on the left (PyDev Package Explorer) gives you further options like running tests or code repository integration.


4) Configuration to run and debug the project
Once the interpreter is set up it's really easy to include the run command. The files and commands are the same for all pyramid projects.

Open Menu -> Run -> Run configurations

1) Enter a name e.g. 'website'.

2) Select the website project

3) Main module: enter ${project_loc:}/bin/pserve

4) Open Arguments Tab: Arguments: ${project_loc:}/myWebsite/development.ini

5) Open Interpreter Tab: Select 'python_website'

6) Click 'Run' to start the webserver. If everything works you should get a traceback in the console panel like:

Starting server in PID 12656.
Starting HTTP server on


Other useful Plugins
Git Client: