Open source cms for mobile and desktop websites

Welcome to Nive cms!

Nive is a new -out of the box- open source content management system based on the programming language python and the pyramid web framework.

  • all included to get started
  • cms functions integrate directly into the website
  • draggable toolbox with cms options
  • layout friendly concept
  • json and python configuration support
  • python and pyramid powered
  • no python knowledge required to get started
  • system independent (linux, mac, windows)
  • open source

Example screenshot: This page in cms editor mode.

The cms comes with everything needed to set up a simple website: a default design with templates, a set of basic content elements and an included webserver. No python knowledge is required to get started.

Design and template concepts offer all flexibility and easy integration of your own designs without restrictions. By default chameleon is used as template engine but thanks to the powerful pyramid viewing machinery you can easily switch to Jinja, Mako or others for HTML rendering.

A modularized concept of most parts allows easy customization and integration of new functionality. Primarily content elements, but also designs and additional functionality.

The cms is heading towards the 1.0 release

It is recommended to update running installations after a new release is available on pypi. To update from the current github master please read changes.txt!



Github repositories moved!

The github repositories have moved from to

Please note: the upcoming version (0.9.12) comes with a few incompatibilties! Updates from previous versions will require manual changes. Right now the new version is not released on pypi yet and only available through the source code repositories.


New release 0.9.11 b

Another step towards the first non beta release

- pyramid 1.5 update

- new sessionuser for caching

- support for asset url links

- maintenance and bugfixes


New extension modules

New and updated extensions on Github:

  • E-mail subscription
  • Contact form
  • Markdowntext


Scaffolds updated

Scaffolds and examples of nive cms extension modules like elements and designs updated and moved to Github:


New release 0.9.10 b

- maintenance and bugfixes

New release 0.9.9 b

03/06/13 > open

New release 0.9.8 b

02/27/13 > open

New release 0.9.7 b

02/13/13 > open

New release 0.9.6 b

02/04/13 > open

First beta release - 0.9.5 b

10/31/12 > open


<past events>

The german Python conference 14. - 19. octobre 2013, Cologne, germany


24. - 25. august 2013, Sankt Augustin, germany

Pyramid Sprint Halle

15. - 18. august 2013, Gocept, Halle(Saale), germany

Python Bar Camp

4. - 5. may 2013, cologne, germany

Details auf der Python Verband Webseite

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