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Datastore - Getting started

Starting the webserver

Once Pyramid and nive_datastore are installed, you can start the webserver from the instance directory nive/myDatastore by calling

../bin/pserve development.ini

..\Scripts\pserve development.ini

If you get a message similar to the following the server has started all right.

Starting HTTP server on

Now open your web browser and enter to load the website in your browser.

The configuration

The configuration of the website including database and data directory is included in


The block responsible for the cms configuration contains the following code:

website = AppConf("",
      title="My Datastore",
dbConfiguration = DatabaseConf(
         # SQLite

with the following elements:

  • title of the website
  • id (the url path name of the cms)
  • fileRoot (file system root directory for the files)
  • dbName (sqlite database file)

All options are listed in api/definitions.

The application includes a single data type todo included as ObjectConf

todo = ObjectConf("nive_datastore.item",
    id = "todo",
    name = u"Todo",
    dbparam = "todos",
    # ...

# todo: scaffold description and running application

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